About Me

Madeleine Duba is a Czech-Swiss award-winning filmmaker based in London.


Madeleine was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. Inspired by her father Cenek Duba, a Czech Film Director, in school she became known as the 'creative artist' which partly compensated for being very shy in class. She graduated with a teachers training certificate in 1994 (Zurich).

After an exchange year at the University of Applied Arts Prague 'Illustration' in 1994, she graduated in ‘Visuelle Kommunication' (BA) at the HFG Lucerne Switzerland 1998, followed with a MASTER in Communication Art&Design at the Royal College of Art 2001 (London, UK).

Madeleine is passionate about raising public awareness of human stories and undertaking critical reflection on social development. Her films aim to view the world through different lenses. Through her creative approach of documentary filmmaking she lets people share their soul with the world. Through film she aims to explore themes like identity, migration, religion, social and ecological sustainability. Madeleine creates a platform for gaining an insight of different communities.

In 2019

Based in London, Madeleine is a freelance director, editor and illustration artist and mother-of-two, working towards making her first feature length documentary 'Cabaret Cuba (55min) of collected film footage over the last 7 years. (Duba Film) In 1997 her short documentary idea ‘Emil Manser’ (Das Luzerner Stadtoriginal) finds realisation in a collaboration, and Madeleine re-edits a new version in 2004 (10min), (in memory of Emil’s death). In 1998 ‘Czech It Out’ (14min) is screened at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. Madeleine has collaborated with film production companies in the London, Prague, Madrid, New York and Havana (Cuba).

Under the name of DubAnimation she has gained profound experience in the field of animation mixed with live action. She provides a complete visualizing service - shooting boards, storyboards, illustration, animation, mixed with live action, compositing, editing. ‘From idea to output.’

From 2001 until 2011

Madeleine's animation work focuses on content that deals with social critical, 'punky' female subjects through surreal, dream-like imagery. Her vision is to create highly intricate work inspired by various phases or moments of life. Madeleine has directed several short films (animation mixed with live action), music videos, title sequences, including the award winning 'Water?', Gold at the 'Prix Leonardo' in Italy, 'Lattice Award' at the RCA and shortlisted for the BAFTA. Her 3D Studio Max Short 'Hangover' was screened at the L.A. Films Festival and Animadrid. Madeleine has art directed for London Production Companies as well as for the feature film 'The Experiment' (2004). Her work has been shown on numerous film festivals all around the world. In 2008 the Robbie Williams Music Promo, The 80ies 'Skiving' was in the running for the British Animation Awards. With her short 'Love Notes', she has won the Maple Leaf Award at the Canada International Film Festival in 2009. In 2010 she has completed a 30min NHS Learning DVD, followed by some music videos for international artists such as 'WAPIN' - Chombo Loco featuring Panama Artist O.S.O. 507 and Angolan Artist Garcia Baxe 'Angola', 2011/12 creating presentation trailers a Latin Dance Company 'Salsa Cubana''Ballet Soul' and 'Los de Londres'.

Working with Final Cut Pro, Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash and her own creative hands. Madeleine's work was published in Magazines, Newspapers, Educational Books/DVD'ies and as Children Books. Her vision is to create highly intricate work inspired by various phases or moments of life.

Commercial Clients

  • Domestos
  • Twinnings
  • Goliath
  • Nike
  • Adobe
  • Atom Films
  • Voodoodog
  • NonMX TV
  • IMC Films
  • Rotor Productions
  • Brooklyn-Queens Experiment in association with Wisdom Lane Pictures
  • Hypnotics
  • Britshorts
  • Shorts International
  • Magician Pictures
  • Liberations Productions
  • Numerous Music Artists and Many more...
Awards & Screenings For Film&Animation Work
  • Maple Leaf Award 2009 at the Canada International Film Festival
  • Shortlisted for the British Animation Awards 2008
  • 1. Prize Gold Prix Leonardo Certificate at the International Films Festival Parma Italy
  • Short listed for BAFTA UK
  • CBS Jumbotron Time Square New York USA (3 weeks 24/7 screening)
  • Lattice Awards 'Sustainability' UK
  • 48 Cinemas in the UK in connections with BAA 2008
  • British Film Week in Singapore
  • 51st Melbourne Film Festival
  • Cannes Film Festival, France
  • New York Film Festival, USA
  • L.A. International Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA
  • Sarasota Film Festival California, USA
  • Florida Film Festival, USA
  • 37th Solothurner Filmtage, Switzerland
  • Cinema Kultur Panorama Luzern, Switzerland
  • Green Vision Film Festival St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Oekomedia Freiburg, Germany
  • Hamburg Short Film Festival, Germany
  • Animadrid International Film Festival 2001, Spain
  • NonMX TV
  • Short&Sweet
  • Zaragoza World Expo, Spain
  • CO2penhagen Festival
  • Big Chill Festival
  • Atom Films
  • Focal Press (Creative After Effects)
  • and Many More...
Publications for Illustration Work
  • Digital Arts UK
  • Design Week UK
  • Daily Mail
  • IMC Films Spain
  • Schweizer Illustrierte, Switzerland
  • Luzerner Zeitung Switzerland, Switzerland
  • Represented by Adobe UK for illustration and Film Work
  • Augencenter Zurich
  • Berner Woche, Switzerland
  • Jay Mews RCA, UK
  • Comix Festival Luzern, Switzerland
  • Essentials Magazine
  • and Many More..